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Welcome to Advanced Menu Consolidation

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Roams Advanced Menu Consolidation is simply a process for condensing all your Service Menus with the same oil change mileage recommendations (all menus recommending 3K or 3750K or 5K miles between services) into single Menu Sets of each type of menu and calculating an average Sale Price, FRH’s and # of Items for each mileage in the set, for input into Roams 3 Tiered Menu System. This Averaging is easily accomplished with the use a Special Excel Program designed by the Roams Team. A link to this Special tool is provided below. 

 Sample Menu Sheet




Once you have printed all your menu sheets out, sort them by oil change mileage recommendations to identify how many Menu Sets you will be able to condense them down to. We want 1 Menu Set for each oil change mileage recommendations type, which is one for all 3K menus and another for all 5K menus and so on if some vehicles you recommend they are serviced at different mileages. The Ideal number of menu Sets is less than 4, however a single copy of the Special tool will accommodate up to 6 Menu Sets and Roams can technically handle an unlimited number of Menu Sets.  

 Why: You may be wondering why condense,  all your 5K menus  for example, into one Average set of numbers, since we have all the specific  details on each Model and Year vehicle? The reason is to reduce the required maintenance time to keep Roams measuring your current menus after you have a price increase. Our  experience tells us that service managers with more than 2 or 3 Menus set up in Roams will NEVER take the time to update them when they have a parts price increase in their menus. So although they start out with very accurate detailed menu measurements in Roams on all 6 or 10 menus, it is only good for about 3-4 months when they have a parts price change and then Roams is no longer measuring their menu potential correctly because they simply don’t have the time to update Roams on so many menus.  We expect this Advanced Menu Consolidation process to reduce the time needed to update your menus in Roams and increase the likelihood of you doing it.

What:  To get started, after separating your Menu sheets into groups of Mileage intervals, start with the group of the lowest mileage interval. To prepare these sheets, take the first service in that group and circle the Total Selling Price and the FRH’s Tech’s are Paid.  Also count & record the number of Ala-Cart Items in each service.

See Example #2



After all Sheets have been prepared at all 3 tiers (Factory, Value & Performance) as seen above in example 2, then you are ready to input the data into the Roams Menu Consolidation Spreadsheet on the ”Menu Set-1 Data” Tab (See example #3 Below). Put the Factory data in as Tier-1, Value as Tier-2 & Performance as Tier-3, as shown in the Example # 4 below. Put the data in for all the mileages in the first Model menu.


See Example #3

The ”Menu Set-1 Data” Tab (at the bottom)



See Example #4



After all the mileages from the first Model have been put in the first column, Name the Second Column and input the data from the next Model with the same intervals, continue until the menus for all Models with that interval have been input into the Roams Advanced Menu Consolidation Spreadsheet on the ”Menu Set-1 Data” Tab.  Now you are ready to switch to the “Menu Set-1 Print” Tab to set it up for printing. Change the name of the menu at the top of the “Menu Set-1 Print” Tab and Type in the “Same As” Mileages for use in setting up Roams 3-Tiered Menus System.  See Example #5 Below, once these are put in you can print that page and save it for when we are ready to input the data into Roams during Live Training.

See Example #5



Now you are ready to input the data for the next Mileage Interval, switch to the”Menu Set-2 Data” Tab. Put the data in for all the Models with that mileage interval the same way as the first and print it out.  Continue to the”Menu Set-3 Data” Tab and continue as needed until all intervals have been printed. In most dealerships 2 or 3 at the most will be needed.  Please contact your DFOD or someone at Keeps Corp. for help if it seems like you need a lot more than 3.

Please have this Completed BEFORE Your live training class. Check the Schedule to see when your Dealership is scheduled for live training of the Roams Tiered Menu Set Up and Reports.


Please download & save this Excel Spreadsheet:   excel


Please download & Print this PDF: pdf 


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