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Roams 3 Tiered Menu System Set Up

BEFORE  watching the video,  Please Read this Page completely and Download the PDF file at the bottom of the page.

If video viewer is not visible right below this line, your network security is blocking it.

 (We suggest viewing the videos from another computer NOT connected to your Dealership Network and therfore not blocked by it's security measures.) 

BEFORE  watching the video,  Please Read this Page completely and Download the PDF file at the bottom of the page.

Roams 3 Tiered Menu Set Up Outline 

 This is intended to outline the steps needed to activate the Roams 3 Tiered Menu System in the a typical Service Department. The above video demonstrates each step. Please print the PDF and use it for taking notes as you watch the video.

1.  Manage Menus - Deactivate Old Menus.


2.  Labor Category Assignment - Remove all Op-Codes from “Menu Sold Op-Code Box” and “Major Service Op-Code Box”.


3.  Labor Category Assignment - Select all Current Menu Sales & Ala-Cart Op-Codes in “Available Op-Codes Box” and add them to New “3-Tier Op-Code Box”.


4.  Manage Tiered Menus – Select “Add New Menu” Press “Go”, then name new menu for the first menu you will be installing.(See Item #10 below, if you have more than 1 menu to install)


5.  Manage Tiered Menus – Check New Menu, Select “View Details”, Press Go and complete all required boxes and “Save”.


6.  Manage Tiered Menus - Check New Menu, Select “View Mileages”, and Press Go to see Maintenance Interval Mileages Chart.


7.  Edit Maintenance Interval Mileages - Select First Mileage and click “Edit” to access “Assign Menu By Op-Code Set-Up” Screen.


8.  Assign Menu By Op-Code Set-Up -  Complete all Data boxes for “Sales Price”, “FRH’s” & ”Items” on far right side of screen. Select Op-Codes in “Available Op-Codes Box” and Add Op-Codes to the appropriate Tier “Op-Code Box” and Ala-Cart “Op-Code Box”. Check “Same As” Boxes at bottom and “Major Service” if appropriate and “Save”.


9.  Edit Maintenance Interval Mileages – Repeat Sets 7 & 8 Until all Intervals are completed and Maintenance Interval Mileages Chart for this Menu is completely filled in.


10.  Additional Menus – See Item #4 above, and repeat Process for each additional menu required. 


11.  Manage Tiered Menus – Select all new Menus and Select “Toggle Active Status” and Press “Go” to activate all New Menus, “Active” Column should now be set to “True” for all New Menus.


12.  Home Page – Press “Shop Maintenance Interval” Button. Select a Menu or Menus for “Total Shop Menu” to be used for all Makes. Return to Home Page.


13.  Home Page – If a Multiple Menus exist and need to be assigned to specific Makes or Models, Press “Makes & Models” Button. Select the “Make” requiring a specific Menu, if it’s not visible use “Next 10 Items” Link to find it. Select  “Assign Menu” if  new Menu is to be assigned all Models in this Make OR Select  “Manage Models ” if  Menus is to be assigned to a Specific  Model and Select the “Model” new Menu is to be assigned to, and assign the new Menu to that Model. Repeat this step as many times as required until all menus are assigned to the Makes & Models needed.


14.  Home Page – Your Tiered Menu System is now activated.

Please download & Print this PDF:  pdf