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Written by Cy   
Thursday, 06 May 2010 14:15


Q.  When I genrate a report, I cannot see the report. I get a white box with a red X in the middle.  Why?


A. This is usually an Active X Reader Error. With a standard Roams login type, to view Roams reports you must have Active X properly installed and functioning on your PC. This white box with a red X pops up when Active X is not running. To install Active X on your PC, turn off your Pop Up Blocker and generate any Roams report.  You should get a yellow Pop Up bar asking permission to install Active X at the top of  your screen. Click that bar and follow the instructions to install Active X. The installer will put you back at your Roams home page, so go back to reports and re-run the same report again. If you get another Install button for Active X click it to install and the report should generate and be visible at the bottom of the page in a couple of seconds.

If this does not solve your problem quickly, please call our office for assistance at 800-948-9377. Your problem may also be with firewalls and security issues that require your company's IT department to solve. Watch this short video below to watch Active X being installed.

If video viewer is not visible below this line, your network security is blocking it.

 We suggest viewing the videos from another computer NOT connected to the Network and therfore not blocked by security measures.


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