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Roams   NEW  Tiered Menu Measuring System 

Keeps Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the New Roams Tiered Menu Measuring System for all Sonic Automotive Service Departments. It will soon be available to all Roams Users. This new system was designed specifically to measure 3 Tiered Service Menus, but works just as well with a single menu offering. This improved menu measuring system offers Service Managers more control over what is counted as a “Menu Sold” operation at specific intervals and how many “Items” a Sold operation gets credit for based on the op-code used and the interval it is assigned to. The New Roams Tiered Menu Measuring System also provides Service Management with more detailed reporting and better control over the measuring of their Menu Selling Process.     
This document is intended to provide Service Management Staff with an
overview of how The New Roams Tiered Menu Measuring System will be
implemented, and what preparation needs to be accomplished at the Service Department level prior to beginning the change over process.
System Preparation:    
To properly set up The New Roams Tiered Menu Measuring System, we will need all your menu op-codes in Roams. To insure that all your menu op-codes are in Roams, we are requesting that a Dummy repair order be opened and ALL your Menu System op-codes be put on that repair order. Remove all charges from the repair order and close it. That repair order will appear the following day in Roams, as an unresolved repair order with any new op-codes on it. Those new op-codes should be categorized and the repair order resolved just like any other. Upon completion of this system preparation, all your Menu System op-codes should now be in Roams, making that Service Department’s Roams site ready for set up of The New Roams Tiered Menu
Measuring System.

Service Management Training will be in 3 parts, Written Documents, On-Line Videos, One on One Live Training with Follow up as needed. After a Service Manager attends a live training event, they will be welcome to call in for additional follow up help as needed.  
Prior to attending a Live Training event Service Management will need to
complete 3 tasks related to The New Roams Tiered Menu Measuring System and
Advanced Menu Consolidation. The Manager of each Service Department will
need to read all written instructions that will be provided, watch the videos and complete the worksheets for Advanced Menu Consolidation.
The timely and successful completion of this very complicated project, will hinge on your willingness to come to class with both baseline knowledge (provided by both documents and video) and a properly prepared set of documents consolidating your menus for proper Measurement in Roams.  Because we understand just how busy service managers are and remain ever respectful of your time, we provide you with superior preparatory materials, you will need to avail yourselves of it. 


Implementation Outline
1.  System Preparation:    All Menu Op-Codes put on a Dummy Ro and Closed with no charges.

 2.   Service Management:    Trained in 3 parts, Written Documents, On-Line Videos, Live Training & One on One Follow up
as needed. 
3.  Pre-Requisites:   For Service Management, read all written instructions and watch all videos as well as complete worksheets for Advanced Menu Consolidation.