ELR Improvements are Net Profit Gains because there is usually NO Cost of Sale Increase!!

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The Reports Videos listed below were recorded using Roams Version 3.0, but still contain VERY helpful information. We will be replacing them with new videos recorded in version 4.0 as quickly as we can.

button_play2  1. KPI Report #4 Overview, Running your First Report.


button_play2   2. KPI Report #4 Part 2 - ELR Managment.


button_play2   3. KPI Report #4 Part 3 - Menu Measurment & Multi-Point Inspections.


button_play2   4. Report #12 "ELR Grid Audit"


button_play2   5. Setting up a CRG for 1 Item RO's in Report #18 "Repair Order History"


button_play2   6.  Report #31 - Labor Op-Code Audit  (Focused on improving Maintenance ELR)

 More to come very soon!!