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Thursday, 05 November 2009 15:36

Maintenance ELR Improvement in many service departments is a vital piece of the Net Profit improvement pie because Maintenance can make up to 60% or 70% or as much as 80% of all customer pay work in some stores.

Roams enables service managers to measure customer pay repair & maintenance work separately.  As soon as we are able to measure something we can begin to manage it better.  Managing maintenance ELR is not about raising maintenance labor rate across the board.  With roams we are able to make significant improvements....

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Monday, 11 August 2008 17:13

Judging by a recent thread on the DealersEdge forums, the controversy surrounding Matrix, or “Grid Pricing,” for customer pay labor isn’t going away anytime soon. Skeptics say it is unethical, and possibly even illegal. Supporters argue that if it is implemented properly it is “fair and equitable” for all concerned.

 “This is one of the most controversial issues in our industry,” says proponent Ray Branch, CEO of The KEEPS Corporation in North Carolina. But after giving more than 100 workshops to thousands of dealership service managers, Ray says he’s noticed that those who come from other industries into....

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Saturday, 09 August 2008 02:49

Here is a list of a few essentials for improving ELR:

How to Install Advanced Effective Labor Rate Control/Management Systems
a. Learn how and why to use the most advanced effective labor rate improvement techniques available today.
b. Learn to avoid the five common mistakes when installing ELR Improvement Programs.
c. Understand the details of “Grid Pricing” and tap the hidden powers of ELR Improvement.

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